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Acting With Congruence

Congruence occurs when you are clear about the value that you bring to your clients when you are proud of your profession, and you know that the fee you are charging is exactly the fee that you are worth! Congruence occurs when the people that you meet accept you as a professional who can help them to achieve their goals. You'll know that you have achieved congruence when they love to pay your sales fee and when you know that a job well done is also a job well paid for!

And the irony is that when you achieve real congruence, you will be able to generate all of the quality business that you want to have. You'll say what the other top producers say, that it's easy to build a profitable and successful career.

Then you'll have the kind of career that you've always wanted, and that is a great place to be!

Marketing your real estate business toward a younger audience is gaining importance, especially as this young generation gets older. Soon they'll be buying houses from you, and they'll turn to the internet and their cell phones to do so. They know best what works with communication, and modern companies have had to evolve with society's technology to keep up with them.

Social media, mobile apps, impressive websites, and online deals are all today's leading tools. Why not take advantage of these tools and grow your business? Learn the marketing strategies to catch the youth's attention, and put them to use in your real estate business!